Slow Food in Österreich

ist in einer lockeren Struktur rechtlich selbständiger regionaler Gruppen, den sogenannten Convivien, organisiert.

Philipp Braun ist als Vertreter der österreichischen Convivien im internationalen Slow Food Beirat das Bindeglied zu Slow Food International.

Convivien in Österreich

In Austria there are currently around 1000 members in 15 Slow Food convivia and two Slow Food youth groups (SFYN).

The convivium is the basic structure of the movement, within which the members live the philosophy of Slow Food in a social way and contribute to the promotion of the culture of eating and drinking.

The Convivia promote and protect the traditional, local products of their region and the gastronomic heritage. In addition, they make their regional specialties internationally known as part of the Slow Food Organization. The convivium allows for new acquaintances linked by their interest in culture and the Slow Food philosophy.